Renewable energy

Renewable energy

KMC Properties seeks to be an active partner for its tenants in finding solutions for energy efficiency and increased used of non-fossil fuel.

In 2021, the total reported energy consumption for KMC Properties’ portfolio was 278,921 mWh, of which the largest source was electricity for heating with an annual consumption per square metre of 972 kWh/m2/year.

In 2021, KMC Properties initiated a pilot project for use of solar panels and battery containers at its facility in Kampenveien 5, Fredrikstad. The project was done in cooperation with the tenant BE Form, targeting a more sustainable production by using locally produced renewable energy.

The project comprises approximately 900 solar panels with a peak capacity of 584 kW with an estimated annual production of 527 mW. The solar panels are installed on facades, roofs, and in the terrain to maximize the production capacity. In addition, a 1mW battery for energy storage has been installed, to optimise energy distribution. The battery system is developed to support the central energy grid to keep a stable power supply to the region.

If the pilot project is successful, the goal is to instal solar panels and battery solutions on all properties where this is relevant. Three of KMC Properties' tenants have already installed solar panels.